Anti-Sleep Device
Anti-Sleep Device
Anti-Sleep Device

Anti-Sleep Device

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Product Description

  • High grade material, wear comfortably, head with hanging hole design, portable storage.
  • Just switch on the on-off, place it correctly behind ear. when your head nods forward in the degrees of 15 to 30, an electronic position sensor will shake or make a sound "Di Di Di" to wake you and your passengers.
  • The anti-sleep driving alarm for people doing all night drives as well as security guards and others we have to sit in one place for long periods of time without any stimulating interaction. The newest high tech way to stay awake is a good purchase for you whether if you ever have to drive back home after an exhausting day at work or just need to get something done and sleep is not an option.
  • This has the potential to save lives on the road. Long distance lorry drivers often fall asleep by driving too long hours due to pressures put on them to get the goods to their destination at certain times this item has the potential to keep them awake or at least to tell them when they are over tired and need to stop driving".
  • Students: Maybe they forgot the exam was tomorrow, maybe they were out partying, or maybe they just waited until the last minute. The problem is that it is extremely easy to fall asleep in the midst of studying and before you know it, morning has come and the exam is already over or you still haven't learned the material. If you don't want that to happen, then keep this reliable anti sleep alarm at your side.

Instructions for use:

  1. Put the alarm on the right ear;
  2. Turn the switch back on;
  3. First check if the alarm is set properly. When it is not properly positioned, it will make a "beep" sound;
  4. Avoid high temperature and wet storage.