Face Massage Anti Aging Roller
Face Massage Anti Aging Roller
Face Massage Anti Aging Roller
Face Massage Anti Aging Roller

Face Massage Anti Aging Roller

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Anti-Aging Tool That Will Wake Up Your Entire Face!

Jade Stone (which is the stone we use in our product) is a naturally cold stone, which can help increase blood circulation and ease puffiness. And the gentle massaging releases facial tension for more relaxed facial muscles. (Just think of all the work they do every day!) Here’s how to use this wonderful and elegant tool.

        After applying facial or serums, roll the facial massage roller awayfrom the center of your face. Also, massage the neck area with upward direction.    Getting rid of eye bags without the need of surgery.We recommend washing the roller after each use. Use a gentle soap and dry it with a clean towel. Place the roller in a cool and dry place, or in the fridge (not freezer!) to enhance the results.


COMBAT WRINKLES AND FINE LINES: Relax yourself by massaging your skin with our facial massage roller. Jade rolling can remove muscle strain as the roller smooth ens fine lines and eliminates wrinkles.

REDUCES EYE BAGS & PUFFINESS: Using our jade facial roller as a part of your daily routine will diminish puffiness, dark circles, and bloating. Also, it promotes blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage. After using for a couple of days, your face will be less puffy, feel less tense, look less saggy and lift your face.

HIMALAYAN JADE JADE ROLLER: Premium quality Jade Stone Skincare toolkit made of 100% Natural Jade mined from the mountains of Himalaya & reinforced stainless steel holders for stronger holding & smoothly rolling. Easy to use & gives you that smooth touch and does not squeak, the smaller roller for the eye area, while larger one for neck & face

TAKE IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO: You never know when you might need a relaxing and refreshing facial massage! This jade roller is easy to carry it in your bag, backpack or luggage when you go to work, to the gym, or when you travel.