Premium Tube Resistance Bands
Premium Tube Resistance Bands
Premium Tube Resistance Bands

Premium Tube Resistance Bands

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  • Diverse Training Options - With this complete workout kit, you'll never miss any chance to challenge various training difficulties for strength building and muscle toning.
  • Adjustable Resistance Level- Each band is different in colors and resistance levels with total resistance weight of 150lbs. You can adjust the tension intensity to achieve personal goals by applying a single band or combining multiple bands, perfect for beginners or professionals, men, women, teen or children.
  • Exercise and Rehabilitation - Not only for daily fitness workout and burning fat, these bands are also widely used to rehabilitate people suffering from leg, knee and back injuries, helpful for recovery from MCL, ACL, knee replacement, patella, perfect choice for women who are looking to keep their bodies in shape after pregnancy and birth.


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